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Welcome to Valley Energy's website.  Valley Energy is a natural gas distribution company located in Sayre, Pennsylvania.  We hope you find the website useful and informative.  In addition to the general daily business information you need, we have compiled information relating to conservation, safety and assistance with bill payments.
SmartHub is an easy way to receive, view, and pay your monthly energy bill on-line. It allows you to request address and phone number changes, request disconnects and reconnects, and much more. It's convenient, cost effective and secure. SmartHub puts you in control!

- New Website coming in early 2022

- EXCESS FLOW VALVE NOTICE ... An Excess Flow Valve (EFV) is a mechanical device installed inside a natural gas distribution service line between the street and meter. EFV's are designed to shut off the flow of natural gas automatically if the service line breaks. EFV's are designed so that general usage, such as turning on appliances, will not trip the valve.

EFV's are not installed on service lines that operate at pressures less than 10 psig, or large service lines with high flow rates. Certain other conditions may also prohibit the installation of an EFV

If an existing service line is not already equipped with an EFV, a customer may request that Valley Energy install an EFV on an existing eligible gas service line, at a mutually agreed date. The cost to install the device is paid by the customer. Costs will vary, however; the minimum estimated cost is $1,500. To install the excess flow valve, Valley Energy will excavate the service line at its connection to the gas mainline piping that runs down your street. We will then turn off your gas service line, install the excess flow valve, backfill the excavation and relight your appliances. Under certain conditions, we may need to replace your entire gas service at no additional cost.

Since an excess flow valve must be sized to operate properly under current load conditions, any significant load changes that would require a larger meter, such as installing an emergency generator or pool heater, may also require the replacement of the EFV at an additional cost.

Call (570) 888-9664 or (800) 998-4427 to inquire about having an EFV installed on your gas service line.

About Us

Valley Energy is an investor owned company regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and the New York Public Service Commission. Service is provided to 11 communities in Bradford County, Pennsylvania and Chemung and Tioga Counties in New York. Natural gas is supplied to more than 8,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers through a 165-mile pipeline distribution system.

A 24-hour emergency service is available for gas odor complaints and gas related emergencies. A "WE CARE" program offers programs for our special needs customers and can be viewed on this web site.

Valley Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of C&T Enterprises which is an unregulated holding company with its principal office in Lewisburg, PA. C&T is a jointly owned subsidiary of Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative and Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative which are both member owned cooperatives. Claverack and Tri-County are the sole shareholders of C&T. C&T was formed in 1998 to facilitate the Cooperatives diversification activities. C&T also owns Wellsboro Electric Company and Citizens Electric Company. Wellsboro Electric Company is an electric distribution company serving customers in Tioga County, PA and Citizens Electric Company is an electric distribution company serving Lewisburg, PA and surrounding communities. The entire C&T family comprises approximately 180 employees dedicated to providing safe and reliable energy service to approximately 58,000 customers.


Valley Energy was originally Valley Cities Gas when it began in 1944. Its parent company Pennsylvania & Southern Gas Company formed Valley Cities by acquiring The Athens and Sayre Gas Company (1899), The Athens, Sayre and South Waverly Heat and Power Company (1899), and The South Waverly Gas Light Company (1885). The Towanda gas property was acquired for the Towanda Gas and Water Company (1859) in 1945. The Waverly Gas Light Company (1883) was acquired in 1959. In the 1970's we acquired a propane bottled gas business that was sold 10 years later.

In 1994, NUI Corporation of New Jersey acquired the Pennsylvania & Southern Companies. We operated as NUI Valley Cities Gas until 2002 when the division was sold to C&T Enterprises and became Valley Energy.

Emergency Call 1.800.998.4427 available 24/7 365

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